Player's performance analysis and short/mid-term training goals

A basic overview of match performance to set short and medium-term goals for improvement.

Player's performance analysis and short/mid-term training goals


The analysis of match performance and the setting of short and medium term training goals is based on the review of tactical/playing patterns in 5 match situations and the technical analysis of tennis strokes and movements. The latter part of the analysis is already described in detail in the biomechanical analysis of technique. The analysis of tactical/playing patterns in 5 game situations takes place on two levels. On the first level, the expert analyzes the occurrence of tactical/playing patterns in the game and on the second level, the player's performance in individual patterns. The analysis of the game performance also includes the use of a program for coding and statistical analysis of a tennis match.



A tennis player, coach, or parent records a video of the entire tennis match. He uploads the recording to a platform (Google Drive, Dropbox or similar) and sends a link to the recording via e-mail. It is important that the video of the match is recorded so that the entire tennis court can be seen. The best shot is taken from the back. It is recommended that the match be as competitive as possible. Based on the submitted video, the expert will perform a tactical/playing and biomechanical analysis of the tennis match and set short and medium term training goals.


Price: 249 EUR


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  • The ball wisperer!


    Aleš Filipčič has a combination of professional and personal approach, which is expressed in top results. I recommend!

    - Anja H.

  • When you can't see the forest for the trees


    Tennis coaches often can't see the forest for the trees. Aleš helped us to determine the right goals in a few days by using biomechanical principles and the analysis of impact efficiency, and presented very useful exercises for the development of technique and the game as a whole. An extremely interesting and useful experience for both the coach and the tennis player.

    Max S.