Biomechanical technical analyisis and development exercises

Biomechanical analysis of stroke technique and movements based on video footage or live analysis of tennis players.

Biomechanical technical analyisis and development exercises


The biomechanical analysis of stroke technique and movements is based on two concepts. The first concept is called B.I.O.M.E.C. and allows analyzing the effectiveness of tennis technique of strokes and movements based on six biomechanical principles. The principles are: Balance, Inertia, Counterforce, Impact Force, Elastic Energy and Kinetic Chain. Here the expert analyzes the application of the principles in the execution of strokes and movements, as well as possible deviations from the recommended values. The second principle is called P.A.S., where the expert analyzes the movement of the club from the point of view of three characteristics: Path, Angle and Speed of the bat.



A tennis player, coach or parent takes a video of a stroke or stroke combination. It is recommended that the video be taken in a match or competition situation, not when the coach is throwing the ball out of the basket. It is best if the cameraman is behind the player or to the side so that the full motion of the bat during the shot and the impact of the shot can be seen. It is appropriate for the video to include the entire stroke, beginning with the serve or return stroke. Based on the submitted material, the expert will create a video in which an analysis of the technique with comments and training goals will be added to the player's video.

Examples of the biomechanical analysis of the technique can be seen in the video clips.


Price: 149 EUR


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2023 PMA, Paula, 12 years

2023.PTA, Frano, 16 years

2023 PTA, Milan, 15 years

2023 PTA, Mihajlo, 11 years

2021 PTA, Kiara, 11 years

2022 PTA, Paula, 11 years

2022 PTA, Spela, 17 years

2022 PTA, Ziga, 13 years

2022.PTA, Veronika, 22 years

2021 PTA, David, 9 years

2021 PTA, Kiara, 11 years

2021 PMA, Veronika, 21 years

2021 PTA, Aksel, 9 years

2021 PTA, Andrija, 11 years

2021 PTA, Liam, 10 years

2021 PTA, Erik, 11 years

2020 PTA, Gabrijel, 11 years

2015 PTA, Milica, 15 years

2015 PTA, Andjela, 13 years

  • The ball wisperer!


    Aleš Filipčič has a combination of professional and personal approach, which is expressed in top results. I recommend!

    - Anja H.

  • When you can't see the forest for the trees


    Tennis coaches often can't see the forest for the trees. Aleš helped us to determine the right goals in a few days by using biomechanical principles and the analysis of impact efficiency, and presented very useful exercises for the development of technique and the game as a whole. An extremely interesting and useful experience for both the coach and the tennis player.

    Max S.